My Hospital Bag (2nd time around)

Just hit week 36!  Only a few weeks shy from meeting our baby boy.  It’s hard to imagine that almost 3 years ago my hospital bag was filled with pink, purple, bows, and tutus.   Now, all I see in it is blue and green!  I keep hearing how different it will be with a boy and I honestly couldn’t be any more excited to experience it first hand.   The truth is, I’ve had my hospital bag packed since I was 30 weeks pregnant!  Just a tad bit early.



2016-06-04_14.02.59 (1)

This time, I packed  lighter than the first time around.  I know what my essentials are and what I can do without.  Here is a sneak peak of my hospital bag.

For Mommy:

  • slippers
  • shower sandals
  • socks
  • nursing bra/nursing camis
  • comfy clothes
  • toiletry items and makeup
  • lip balm
  • lotion
  • belly wrap/bandit

For Baby:

  • change of clothes
  • receiving blanket
  • nursing pillow
  • going home outfit
  • mittens
  • burp cloths
  • hat
  • socks
  • baby book (visitors can sign and you can get baby’s foot/handprint)
  • cars seat

For Daddy:

  • phone + pharger
  • camera + charger
  • snacks
  • gift for big sister from baby

As far as the necessities post-birth (diapers, pads, mesh undies, and nursing pads) our hospital provides all of that so less to worry about when it comes to packing.

 Next time I post we’ll be a family of 4!  I cannot wait to hold my little bundle of joy.

What did all my fellow mamas pack in your hospital bag?


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