Mommy of Two

Three weeks ago my life completely changed, my handsome baby boy was born.  We became a family of four.  Big sister went to the hospital to meet her baby brother and it was an instant bond.   Ever since then, they’ve been inseparable.  She is thrilled to have him home and wants to eat him up in kisses. Which makes me want to eat them both up in kisses!

The transition from one baby to two hasn’t been too difficult.  I can safely say, I have the best little helper in the world!  My two year old daughter is my diaper runner and has a blast grabbing them for me!  It’s her way of helping and I adore her for it.  Sleep and I haven’t kept in touch very much BUT that’s only because baby Joe nurses around the clock.  He is such a great baby,  rarely cries and makes the cutest noises when he stretches!

Right now, I’m just enjoying being a mother.  I find myself looking at their pictures while they sleep.  Becoming a mother changed me, I experienced love in such a different way.  Now, as a mother of two, the love I have for my children has multiplied and is stronger than ever.  Although I am physically, and sometimes mentally, drained,  I can’t get enough of them and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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