Toddler Bedtime Routine

When we had our first baby, I had to return to work when she was three months old.  It was incredibly hard for me, but we made it work.  We had to make sure she was getting enough rest since we had to get her up early and ready for childcare.  So, she’s had a bedtime routine since then.  For the most part, her bedtime routine is pretty simple and consistent.

  1. Pick up toys
  2. Bath
  3. Put on pajamas
  4. Brush teeth
  5. Read books
  6. Use the potty
  7. Time for sweet dreams

Of course, as she’s grown. we’ve altered it a little here and there.  But for the most part, it’s basic and remains predictable for her.  One thing I have learned is that toddlers love routine.  As our toddler got older she realized she had power.  Toddlers push and pull to see what they can get away with.  Maybe it’s an extra book at bedtime, using the potty again, a glass of water, or all of the above!  They will say everything and anything to avoid bedtime.  There were times when Madisyn, our toddler, would get out of bed to see what I was doing at night.  I was able to sense when she was going to get up, so I’d make sure I was always doing something incredibly boring.  She caught me washing dishes and cleaning a few times.  But once she saw that she wasn’t missing out on anything, she’d go right back to bed.  Eventually, she stopped getting curious and stayed in bed.

But bedtime became a little bit of a struggle again after bringing home baby brother.  She was just not having it, we would all dread bedtime.  We tried giving her extra tasks, to make her feel she had more responsibilities.  But picking out baby brother’s jammies wasn’t enough for her.  I was starting to run out of ideas to try.  I am so glad I came across  Whoo is Ready for Bed?, it has been so helpful.  The interactive book includes a stuffed owl, my daughter loves it.  The book prepares your toddler for bed and introduces an owl friend that stays with them through the night.


It comes with an erasable crayon your toddler can use to write in their book.



After three straight nights of going to bed peacefully, the owl brings your little one a special treat.  You can choose stickers, Play-Doh, coloring book, or anything else you may think of.


Since using the book, my daughter enjoys bedtime and looks forward to receiving her special treat from her owl friend every three nights.

If you are struggling with putting your toddler’s bedtime routine or nap time, get Whoo is Ready for Bed?.  Trust me, it is great.  Our toddlers will grow up before we know it and won’t want to be tucked into bed anymore.  Enjoy the little moments, like bedtime routines.  Make them enjoyable for everyone while it lasts.  Just remember how fast time flies, appreciate even the smallest moments in life.


Every child is different, this bedtime routine works great for us.  But it did take a lot of trial and error to see what worked best for her.  And for us!  Did you ever go through a period where you struggled putting your little one to bed?  What is your toddler/baby bedtime routine like?   I would love to hear how other mamas do it!

Visit Whoo is Ready for bed? and use promo code: sweetdreams to get 20% off your set now!  Promo expires September 1, 2016.


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