Shopping with Baby and Toddler the Binxy Way

When I first had Joseph, I didn’t leave the house for a few weeks.  I was a little nervous about getting out of the house with a two year old and a newborn.  Well… more scared than nervous.  My first trip alone with both of them was a quick run to CVS for detergent!  I had to test the waters first, before making a big launch to the grocery store.  I love babywearing, so that is how I manage to leave the house with both my babies.  But being only 5 feet tall, I struggle getting Madisyn in and out of the cart while wearing Joseph.  I still make it work though.

I was so excited when I got the Binxy Baby hammock in the mail.  I used it the same day!  Shopping was a breeze!

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Yes, a baby shopping cart hammock exists!  This is genius!

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You can shop with your toddler in the front while baby is nice and comfy in the Binxy.  Joseph fell asleep immediately!

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He was all smiles when he woke up.  I can tell he was enjoying the different point of view.  I can honestly say, we use it every time we go grocery shopping.

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Now that Joseph is more aware of his surroundings, using Binxy Baby has been a major plus.  Not only is he able to see everything that is going on, the Binxy still leaves enough room for groceries!

During our shopping trip, I had so many people approach us and say the hammock was so neat.  It truly makes shopping so much easier.

It is so convenient, easy to hook on to the cart, and small enough to store in your diaper bag.  The baby hammock can hold up to 50lbs.  Straps are included in case you prefer to put baby carrier into it as well.  Shopping with a toddler and baby has become so easy since using Binxy Baby.  Get yours now Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock.

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