Pumpkin Patch

Okay, I am finally getting around to posting our pumpkin patch photos!  I have been so active these days, definitely enjoying the weather here in Nebraska.  Our trips to the park have become more and more frequent.  Especially since it’s been such a delight seeing the color change in the leaves.  We go out exploring and come back with colorful leaves and a few rocks that Madisyn picks out.  She gets excited with the smallest things and it makes me so happy when I hear her say, “Here you go mama, it’s for you.”  Although it’s just a leaf or a rock, I admire her little heart and act of kindness.  I just love my sweet girl so much!

When October came, I started searching for a neat pumpkin patch to take the babies.  But we ended up going to a cute pumpkin patch a friend in the area recommend and I’m so glad we did!  They had a bounce house, fun barn, slides, zip lines, hay and train rides… the list goes on and on!  The haunted house was too spooky to go in with the kids.  But I still wanted to check it out and get in the Halloween spirit.  My husband and I both agreed we’d take turns staying with the kids while the other went in alone.  And of course, he convinces me to go in first.   Once it’s his turn, hubby suddenly gets hungry.  Guess who doesn’t end up going into the haunted house?  My hungry husband!  We had such a great time at the pumpkin patch, wonderful way to enjoy the day.  Pumpkin patch visits will continue to be our family tradition.

What is your favorite thing about fall?  What are some fall traditions you and your family have?  I’d love to go apple picking someday, I’m sure that would be so much fun!


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