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Season’s greetings!  Halloween just passed and now it’s time for fun family gatherings.  I know, I may be a tad bit too early, but the holiday season approaches quickly!  This year I will be getting two babies all dressed up for the holidays!  I never thought I’d want to dress my son and daughter in similar outfits, but they just look SO cute when they match.  Plus, my daughter, Madisyn absolutely loves matching her baby brother!

We received these darling little outfits and accessories from Gymboree.  I love the fact that their emerald party collection carry similar holiday outfits for both boys and girls!  I told my husband this will finally be the year we mail out holiday cards.  I’m excited I have the outfits for Madisyn and Joseph set!  One less thing I have to worry about.  Now, I just have to go shopping for the grownups.

Madisyn is just a little princess who loves dresses, glitter, shoes, and bows!  She was ecstatic when I showed her the accessories and dress!  She had her bracelet and headband on within minutes.  Her purse hasn’t left her sight since we received it.  I am so glad she loves her little outfit.  Joseph’s outfit is just as adorable.  The elbow patch sweater with the plaid shirt underneath is the cutest!  I never thought dressing up a boy would be as fun as dressing up a girl, but it is.  He was so comfortable in his little outfit that he even left his tweed cap on.

My lovely friend, Eneri Photography, captured some amazing photos of my little ones.  I just love her work!








Checkout the Emerald Collection HERE.  Comment below and tell me all about your favorite holiday looks!

I will also be hosting a Gymboree giveaway!  To enter, visit my Instagram page to get more details.  Good luck!

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