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Are you ready to turn your blog into something profitable?  Are you tired of working for free products?  Are you curious about blogging?  Let me share with you my experience with Mastering The Art of Working With Brands . 

When our daughter turned 1, I quit my job to become a stay at home mom.  Since then, I have searched and searched for a job that allows me to work from home.  I’ve been following my dear friend Melanie from The Story of Five for years!  She just posted her latest income report, she earned over $5,000 from blogging in October!  So when I finally decided to try blogging, Melanie was the one I turned to for guidance.  I honestly did not know a single thing about blogging or how I could make money from it.  Her e-course Mastering The Art of Working With Brands is full tips and tricks to monetize your blog.

After taking the course I have been consistently gaining work and have brands reaching out to me!  I have worked with companies like Little Tikes, 4moms, and Gymboree.  Did I mentioned I just became a blogger five months ago?  After taking Mastering The Art of Working With Brands I got my first sponsored job within a month.  That’s because I took a break from blogging when I had my son.  I created my blog days before giving birth to my son.  So, of course, I wasn’t as committed to my blog as I would have been if the situation had been different.  But that’s the thing about blogging, you set the time, you set the schedule!  You work when it’s convenient for you!

The course goes over everything you need to know in order to become a successful blogger.  What I love about this course is that you don’t need thousands and thousands of page views to get sponsored work.  Remember, in less than a month after taking the course I got my first sponsored job.  I ultimately want to increase my page views, and that is something I am currently working on.



What the course includes:

The Basics of Sponsored Work

All About Media Networks

How to Pitch To Brands Directly

Negotiating with Brands

What To Charge

When And How You Should Be Paid

Getting Sponsored Jobs from Social Media

What Brands Look For When Hiring Bloggers

What To Do Everyday To Get Brands To Start Noticing You

What To Do Every Single Time You Publish a Post

What is a Media Kit & How To Make One

Bonuses include: media kit template and e-mail templates she uses to pitch and negotiate with brands

I am so happy I took this course.  It’s everything you need to know all in one place.  I was able to implement her strategies and have been very successful with sponsored jobs.  Blogging takes work, don’t sell yourself short.  Know what you’re worth  and execute it to monetize your blog.  The course offers guidance to help you effectively work with brands you love.  You will know exactly what brands are looking for, what questions they want answered.  You want to build a relationship with the companies you work with.   By doing so, they will reach out to you whenever they have other job opportunities lined up. 

The course is only $46.  Enroll here to get started!

Ready to Become A Blogger

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