3 Ways for Baby and Toddler to Bond

My daughter was only two when my son was born.   Throughout my pregnancy I thought and thought of ways my toddler could bond with her little brother once he was born.  Surprisingly, it was an easy transition for her, she’s adjusted quite well and adores her little brother so much.  My husband and I are just amazed with how well they interact with each other.

These are some tips that encourage toddler and baby to bond.

Go on walks together.  Grab your stroller or baby carrier and go outside!  Pick some flowers or different colored rocks, enjoy an outdoor adventure with your little ones.  My daughter loves going on walks, she’ll pick a dandelion and immediately show it to her baby brother.

Have the older sibling perform for baby.  Grab some of your toddler’s favorite stuffed toys or dolls.  Encourage them to do a little skit or puppet show for baby.  You can even join in on the fun and change your voice to play different characters.  Not only is it a great way for toddler and baby to bond, but your toddler will love that you’re playing along as well.  We did this a lot when it was too cold to go outside.  Plus, watching your toddler make baby smile will be the sweetest thing in the world.

Read together.  Make this a habit.  Get your toddler excited by allowing her to choose the books.  Read to both your little ones and ask your toddler questions.  Have her point out certain animals or ask if she can find certain objects on a page.  Interact and engage to make reading fun for your little ones.

Bookroo is a subscription service that sends a box every month filled with books for little readers.  Just select your book type, 3 board books (ages 0-2) or 2 picture books (ages 2-6) and your monthly plan.  You can choose a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.  Bookroo sends the books individually wrapped each month.  My little helper unwraps the books herself.

It’s a terrific purchase, great for gifting your kids, grandchildren, or friend.  Help little readers build their libraries by purchasing Bookroo.  And to add a special touch, you can address it to the child you’re gifting it to.  When my daughter received her first book subscription box, her face lit up with excitement when she saw her name on it.

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What are some good books you’ve read to your little ones lately?  What are some of their favorite books?  How do you encourage sibling bonding?  Comment below!

This post is sponsored by Bookroo, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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