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It’s time to ditch the layers and get ready for spring.  A lot of us are planning some fun trips and special outings this season.  We just took our first trip to the lake as a family of four, we had so much fun.  Packing can be stressful, especially when traveling with a baby or a toddler.  I’m here to help make your vacation with little ones fun and enjoyable.

Do you find yourself overpacking, literally having to squeeze everything into the vehicle?  Worst of all, your hotel room ends up completely crammed.  Vacationing with little ones is easier than you think.  Children get excited with new surroundings so they don’t need a bag full of toys for amusement.  When my husband works out of town, we visit him often.  I’ve mastered traveling with my three-year-old and 8 month old.  I can quickly pack the necessities and keep my little ones happy while we’re away.  Below are some tips on how to pack light when traveling with a baby.  I also included a special coupon you can use at Carter’s!   


Comfortable travel clothes.  Think about it, our little ones are strapped down in the car for a long period of time.  A onesie works great, since they don’t ride up, with pants and socks.  For older children, dress them in a comfortable top with leggings or loose bottoms.

Tops and bottoms that can be mixed and matched.  I used to pack tons of outfits for my little ones, tons!  Now I simply pack outfits that can be easily mixed and matched.  A few tops, shorts, pants, and leggings.  Do some research and check the weather forecast before packing.  Throw in a light jacket for the little ones.      

Items for comforting little ones being away from home.   Like I mentioned before, children get excited with new surroundings so leave all the toys behind.  For my little baby, I pack teething toys that jingle and are colorful to entertain him.  For older children pack a few books, a coloring book, crayons, and deck of cards.  My three-year-old loves playing Go Fish, it’s a fun game to play in the hotel room.  Honestly, my vehicle becomes a concert as soon as we leave our driveway.  We sing during the entire drive, so she doesn’t need much of a distraction on the road.   Oh, and can’t forget their favorite blanket.

Swim wear.  Even if your trip doesn’t include a beach or lake, hotel pools are always fun for little ones.  Swimsuits from Carter’s have UPF 50+ to offer that extra protection for your little loves.  Is your child still in diapers?  Consider looking into reusable swim diapers.   Less diapers for you to pack and most are available in a cute design.  Always pack sunscreen and a hat.  My daughter loves wearing sunglasses, a must on her list.

Special Occasion Clothing.  Celebrating a holiday or do you have a special event planned during your trip?  Don’t forget to pack your daughter’s dress or cute outfit you have set aside for your baby.  I’ve always enjoyed shopping for my little princess.  To my surprise shopping for my little guy is just as fun, baby boy clothing is just adorable!  Carter’s has cute baby clothes and darling dresses for girls.

Baby shoes.  My little one isn’t walking quite yet, but I always make sure to pack a pair of baby shoes for him.  Make sure to always pack comfortable shoes for your walker.

Travel gear.  I take my baby carrier everywhere I go.  It allows me to keep my baby close and hands free to keep up with my little princess.  A lightweight umbrella stroller works great too and won’t take up much space.

Baby care bag.  Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, washcloth, and a bottle of baby wash & shampoo.  You can also store hair products for you little ones in here.

First aid kit.  You just never know, particularly when babies and toddlers are involved.  You can either make your own kit or buy one at any drugstore.

I’m about to make packing for your baby and toddler even easier!

Enjoy stocking up with all the spring essentials for your baby with this 25% off coupon!

If you’re looking for a cute Easter outfit or just add a pop of color to your little one’s wardrobe this spring season, checkout Carter’s.  Now you’re set to hit the road and enjoy your family vacation.  What generally works well for you when traveling with a baby or toddler?

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