Toddler Top Knot

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with  SoCozy.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Madisyn’s first dance class is days away.  Since daddy won’t be here to see her little ballet feet tip toe into class,  we decided to have a special dress rehearsal just for him.  She wore her entire ballet outfit, including her top knot.  A ballerina bun was a must to go with her ensemble.  She danced and twirled all over the house, cutest little ballerina I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been asked how I manage to make my toddler a bun.  Making a top knot is easier than you think.  The secret to making the bun look so full and thick is to use a sock.  Yes, a sock!

How To Make A Top Knot

Get a baby sock and cut off the toe part of it.  Roll the sock down into a tube.

Comb your little one’s hair.  My little one wakes up with a lot of tangles.  SoCozy just came out with the Hush Collection, we’ve been using the Sensitive Detangler.  Just spray onto damp or dry hair and comb from bottom to top.

Make a high ponytail and apply mousse.  Sometimes it’s hard to have a toddler sit for long periods of time.  SoCozy’s Sensitive Foam is a fun way to have your toddler help during the top knot making process.  It’s also part of their new Hush Collection which is targeted for the treatment of sensitive hair.  I especially like the mousse because it doesn’t buildup or cause my little one’s scalp to get itchy throughout the day.  I dab on a little SoCozy syling gel as well.

Slide the sock tube onto the ponytail and separate the hair into two sections.  Keep hair divided and slide the sock to the top of the ponytail.  Tuck the ends of the ponytail around the sock tube and roll down towards the head.  As you’re rolling tuck in any loose hair.  If too much hair begins to slip out, gently pull up the sock tube and continue to roll.  Roll down and tuck in.

SoCozy  just launched their new Hush Collection and I love it.  My daughter’s favorite is the 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, a soft brush is included to massage her little head.  The ingredients help naturally restore the skin’s moisture barrier.  Safe for babies to use too.  The Sensitive Detangler is another one of her favorite products.  She loves the way it smells and I can gently comb away tangles.  We spend a lot of time outside, always running and playing.  Particularly now that the weather is amazing.  The kids have gone on a few fishing trips already.  The Sensitive Scalp Serum is a leave-in formula that restores moisture balance which means no itchy heads.  The Sensitive Styling Foam provides a soft and light feel to the hair, doesn’t cause any flake and is a fun product your child can help apply.

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  1. Ah the ‘ol sock bun. Brings me back to my dance days where that’s the only hair style we could have. It’s so much cuter on your daughter though! A cute clip or a bow would be the perfect accessory to the topknot!

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