Family Trip To The Aquarium



My little Madi is fascinated by animals, especially sea animals.  She knows every word to Ariel’s song, “Part of Your World” and sings it with so much emotion.  I wish she’d let me get her adorable performance on video but these days she’s a little camera shy.

We went on our annual family trip to the Texas State Aquarium a few days ago and it was so much fun.  Thankfully, I took my baby carrier because it was packed.  A stroller would’ve made it impossible to get through the crowd.  A new exhibit just opened up in the aquarium so there were a lot of students on their class trip.

To my surprise, Baby Joe was just as intrigued as Madisyn, especially during the dolphin show.  The show included some upbeat music as the dolphins were swimming, he was moving and dancing like a little pro.  Both my little ones were dancing and laughing throughout the entire show.

















We were at the aquarium last summer, before I got pregnant with my handsome boy.  It’s unreal how perfectly natural it felt to be there with two babies this time around.

What summer trips to do have planned?  Feel free to comment below and share!


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