Our Summer Bucket List + Healthy Snacks For Baby & Toddler

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We live in Texas, summer starts early for us, very early!  I have a 3 year old and 11 month old that are full of energy, I’m always in search of fun activities they can both enjoy.

1. Go bowling.  Although my son is too young for this, he had a blast watching his sister bowl.  The music in the bowling alley had him moving and dancing while he clapped for his sister.

2. Go to the beach.  Build a few sandcastles and enjoy the fresh air.    

3.  Visit the aquarium.  A fun way to explore and see how animals live under the sea. 

4. Have game nights.  This is definitely my daughter’s favorite thing to do.  She is obsessed with Trolls in Trouble Game.  I’m not going to lie, I enjoy this game a lot too.  It’s adorable watching her get so engaged with the game while we all play.  Another one of our favorite board games is Candy Land, classic and fun!

5. Visit a splash park.  Most cities have splash parks with free admission!  

6. Run in the sprinkler.  My daughter got this sprinkler as a birthday gift when she turned one!  We’ve been using it ever since. We’re excited to have JJ try it out.

7. Make s’mores together.  So much fun to make, you can see one of our favorite s’mores recipe here.     

8. Build a fort and take a nap.  Oh, naps.  For some reason naps and toddlers just don’t mix well.  Why do I need a nap, Mama?  I’m not tired.  Common words used in my house.  However, when we build forts, my girl is eager to nap.

9. Play in blow up pool.  This inflatable play center is amazing and on sale!  My friend Melanie had one for her daughter’s birthday party and it was a hit.  Fun way to stay cool in the summer.

10. Have a picnic.  Whether it’s a backyard picnic or at a park, your child will be excited to eat somewhere different.  We always make sure to pack Sprout® baby food and snacks.  This is something we’ve been doing a few times a week and my kids are loving it.

Sprout® just launched a new line of plant-based food products, plant-based protein baby food and plant-powered toddler snacks.  They’ve made healthy eating incredibly easy for mom’s on the go and my kids love when I pack Sprout® baby food and snacks for them.  In fact, they were the first brand to put baby food in food pouches making it convenient to pack healthy food for babies and toddlers.

JJ loves the taste of the plant-powered pouch purees.  They serve as a healthy alternative to meat and dairy based protein.  Baked from chickpeas and lentils, the cheddar curlz quickly became his favorite snack.

Sprout® uses only USDA certified organic and non-GMO ingredients, and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.  Their products contain a mix of whole fruits, vegetables and grains.


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