A great deal of people have issues waking up early, a good morning routine will result in a productive day.  Creating a morning routine that works well for you is extremely  important because it generates healthy lifestyle habits.
Since having kids, my morning routine has changed, it still changes from time to time.  But the base of it still remains the same.

Morning Routine

1. Wake up early.  If you’re not a morning person I still encourage you give this a try.  Wake up before the kids, give yourself some alone time and avoid hitting snooze on your alarm.  You’ll feel so refreshed spending those few minutes to yourself.

2. Make the bed.  This takes only a few seconds, open the blinds and make the bed.  Let some light in, you’ll feel more alert and it’ll reduce the chances of you crawling back to bed!  As soon as I’m up, I open up all the blinds.

3. Drink water.  After several hours without drinking anything, water should be the first thing you sip on to keep your body hydrated.  Drink a glass of cool water.  Yes, even before that cup of coffee.  If you aren’t much of a fan of plain water, you can always drink Welch’s 100% juice with coconut water.

4. Get dressed.  Ditch the pajamas or yoga pants.  Trust me, this makes a difference and changes your entire mindset.

5. Plan your dinner.  Meal planning takes a load off of trying to figure out what’s for dinner.  Make your life easier and prepare your food early.  Turn the crock pot on or at least know what you plan to make.  By the time dinner time comes you don’t have to worry about asking everyone what they want for dinner, “Surprise me,” is usually the response I get in my household.  Even my four-year old tells me this!  Might as well plan it out.

6.Positive thoughts.  You’re up, well, and breathing, don’t take life for granted.  No matter the countless errands or the amount of workload you may have, simply start your morning with a smile and make the most of your day!



Welch’s 100% juice with coconut water  has all the great taste of 100% juice, with 30% less sugar.  Made in the USA without any artificial flavors and only 100 calories per serving.  The coconut water gives it a refreshing taste.  My personal favorite is White Grape Mango, I love the taste of mango!  Tropical Berry Grape is another flavor from the new product line.

You can find Welch’s 100% juice with coconut water at your local retailer, click here to find one nearest you.

These are just a few tips to start off your morning, before eating breakfast and before the kids are up.

Figure out what works best for you, you don’t have to do all the steps at once.  Slowly add a step or change it up if you need to.  The idea of this is to encourage you to establish a morning routine that works well for you, something that will allow you to conquer the day.

What is your morning routine like?  

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