I’ve been on the road alone with a baby and toddler countless times.  I’ve pretty much mastered what works well for us in order to survive a road trip with little ones.  My husband used to work out of town quite a bit, we’d usually drive over and join him wherever he was.

Here are a few tips that will make the road trip more enjoyable for the entire family.

  1. Eat right before you leave.  This tip is crucial, make sure your child is fed right before you leave.  Time the trip around baby’s nursing session or breakfast time to assure they eat around their usual schedule.
  2. Bring lots of snacks. Bring a variety of snacks and reusable water bottles.  Preferably insulated water bottles to keep water cold for them.
  3. Dress baby and toddler comfortably.  Dress your baby in something that’ll be easy and convenient when it comes to changing diapers.  No big dresses, just stick to the basics that offer comfort for your little ones.
  4. SAFETY is very important.  Make sure you have a car seat that is both safe and comfortable for your children.  Graco car seats are rigorously tested to meet or exceed US FMVSS safety standards, helping provide a safe ride for your little one, from infancy to youth.
  5. Pack toys.  Pack their favorite book and a few must have toys.  When we travel we usually pack two activity books, water reveal pads are a game changer!  They’re reusable and mess free!
  6. Play games.  Games like I Spy are always a win.  If you notice your toddler or baby getting tired or fussy, distract them with this simple game.  I guarantee it’ll change their mood in a heartbeat.  They’re stuck in the back, they want to feel as included as possible.  Talking to them works wonders.  This game, along with singing along to songs, will make the drive enjoyable for them.
  7. Be prepared for the unexpected.  Don’t expect to arrive at your destination according to what your GPS states.  You will stop for frequent restroom breaks, diaper changes, nursing sessions, and that’s okay.  Make use of that time and allow your children to walk and stretch a little bit.  They’ll feel so much more refreshed.

When I found out I was pregnant the second time around, I knew we were going to purchase a convertible car seat and skip the infant car seat.  The Graco 4Ever All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is perfect, it grows with your child so there is no need to purchase multiple car seats.  The quality of the car seat is amazing, enjoy 10 years of use, from 4 – 120 lbs!

Plus, very affordable, you can find Graco car seats at Walmart.  Have it shipped straight to your house with 2-day shipping or do in store pick up!

Comment below and share some of your baby or toddler road trip tips!



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