Creative Way To Stay Organized With Personalized Name Labels

This post is sponsored by Name Bubbles, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.


I have two little ones, for the most part they do great sharing.  Other times, well let’s just say they try.  They’re 4 and 1, still in the learning stages of sharing.  I recently discovered Name Bubbles, a company that offers labels for everyday life.  You can literally label everything and make organization so much easier.

We’ve been using the name labels mostly for sippy cups and snack cases, the name labels definitely pop out.  Which means less fighting when it comes to water bottles, each of my children have their personalized name label on their bottle.  My 4 year old is surprisingly thrilled over this.  Plus, when we’re out and about, I know their cups won’t get lost or accidentally taken by another child.  I lost count of the number of sippy cups that have been misplaced!

I wish I had these when my daughter attended childcare, it would have been so useful to label all of her items, including baby bottles!  These labels are so useful and dishwasher safe!

This Christmas we decided to give our little ones something they’ll use long-term.  Luggage!  Let me tell you, if you’re searching for a unique gift for you child, niece, nephew, grandchild, or any child in your life, gift them luggage.  These days they’re available in so many different colors and designs, any kid is sure to love it.  If you want to add a personal touch include a personalized bag tag, visit Name Bubbles to choose a style and attach it to the luggage.  My children loved it, especially seeing their name on the tags.  The rainbow and paw print tags were a hit!










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Here are a few items they have available:

Press and stick name labels, iron-on labels, safety labels (great for medical information such as allergy alerts), bag tags, and write-on labels (creative way to leave notes in your child’s lunch).

Shop Name Bubbles and use discount code “HOMESTEAD” at checkout for 15% off your purchase.


Make sure to comment below and share some of your creative ways you keep things organized!




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