5 Flu Season Tips

I stay home with both my little ones, I try my best to keep them healthy and safe, especially when the peak of flu season is near.  Nothing is worse than seeing your toddler sick.  At home, I like to practice good habits in order to avoid getting hit with the flu.

How to stay well this flu season.

Get vaccinated.  The flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your family against the flu virus.

Wash your hands.  Often wash your hands and remind your children to do the same.  If they’re toddlers, they may need your help.  Use this time to talk to your children about germs and why it’s important to always wash our hands.  Set up a step stool if they’re old enough, this way they can wash their hands themselves.

Good health habits.  Drink plenty of fluids, have a well-balanced diet, and stay active.  Always stay hydrated and drink a lot of water.

Keep a clean environment.  Clean and disinfect heavily touched items such as doorknobs, cell phones, light switches, and laptops.

Stock up on Kleenex.  Use a Kleenex tissue to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze to avoid the spread of germs.  Make sure to have plenty of Kleenex tissues on hand.  My husband has really bad allergies, I always have boxes of Kleenex at my house.  This product is great to always have, not just on sick days!

My one year old sees his older sister blow her nose with a tissue and does the same.  He’ll even go toss it in the trash after he wipes his little nose.  I leave a box of Kleenex in every room so everyone has easy access to a tissue if they need one.  Guests and children!

I love how soft and gentle Kleenex facial tissues are.  Very delicate and soft on little noses too.  My children have sensitive skin and I wouldn’t use any other tissue.  It has a middle layer with active ingredients that kills 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue within 15 minutes.  Kleenex has moisture activated blue dot layer with special anti viral formula to kill cold and flu viruses.

I always find plenty of Kleenex in stock when I shop at Walmart.  Plus, you have the option for in-store pick up (where available) and ordering online!

Follow these flu season tips and stay protected against the flu viruses.  Don’t forget to take advantage of free 2 day shipping and shop Walmart.com!


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