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Nokia body+ composition body scale review

I hope everyone has been enjoying the new year!  One of my New Year’s resolution is to focus more on what makes me happy.  I absolutely LOVE being a mom and a wife, by far the two most important aspects of my life that provide me with so much happiness and joy.

Before I was a mom, I used to run five miles each night and spent my mornings at the gym.  I absolutely loved it.  Not because I was obsessed with working out or fitness, but because it was my ME time.  My time to think, my time to release stress, my time to simply push myself physically and mentally.  Now, I honestly can’t remember the last time I stepped foot into a gym.  Or the last time I went to the bathroom alone!

I turn the big three zero this year (I hear thirty is the new twenty lol).  I want to live a healthy life and do things that make me happy.  Fitness makes ME happy.  I’ve been using my jogging stroller more than ever and have made more time for home workouts.  I can feel the difference in my body.  I’ve also been using the Nokia Body+ scale to keep track of my success.

Nokia body+ composition body scale review

Nokia body+ composition body scale review

Nokia body+ composition body scale review

Nokia body+ composition body scale review

Nokia body+ composition body scale review

Nokia Body+ Body composition Wi-Fi scale

Track progress not numbers.

– Full body composition analysis: Monitors weight (kg, lb., st lb.), body fat & water percentage, plus muscle & bone mass

– Automatic synchronization: Data from every weigh-in appears in the Nokia Health Mate app automatically via Wi-Fi

– Nutrition tracking: Set a weight goal and manage your daily calorie budget

– Daily weather forecast: Step on your scale to enjoy a localized weather report

– Multi-user friendly: Recognizes up to 8 users with independent sync

– Battery life:  It can last up to 18 months

Living a healthy lifestyle goes beyond than just weight.  Use the Health Mate App to track your health trends and learn more about your body.  Look beyond your weight and see your health progress from a different light.  You’ll be surprised to see how healthy routines rub off on the entire family.  My little ones mimic everything I do, including workouts I do in our garage!

For more information about the Nokia Body+ scale and other Nokia products, CLICK HERE.

Share some of your fitness goals and comment below!  Feel free to ask me any questions!

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